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Based on our frontline experience working with some of the world’s most renown commercial and government organizations on some of their toughest information protection challenges, our firm possesses unique insights, knowledge and perspective that informs smart strategy, policy and governance.

In those rare moments when we are not fully engaged in advancing our clients’ interests, we share the practical, actionable and business-oriented ideas and insights of our experts at JAS Global Advisors surrounding these important issues.

Takeaways From the RSA SecurID Breach
It’s not news at this point that “highly sophisticated” attackers were able to steal some information from RSA that weakens their ubiquitous SecurID authentication tokens. Read More

Some Things Haven’t Changed… But Some Have!
On the recent spate of cyber attacks at RSA, Lockheed Martin and Google, Cyber Security Czar Howard Schmidt argued, “[these attacks] followed a very standard method of operation that people have used for 20-odd years.” Read More

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