Our Ventures Group is designed to work hand-in-hand with Professional Services and Labs to bring matchless expertise to the development of very early stage technologies.

Building on existing relationships, JAS can bring technologies, markets and investment together to take promising new technologies to the next level of development. To capitalize on this potential, JAS and newly formed entities partner to foster, develop and commercialize nascent technologies and products.

Recent Partnerships

  • DataPulse – The JAS Ventures Group invested in this exciting new startup, which operates on the cutting edge of data science and technical Internet infrastructure expertise. The first product DataPulse will bring to market is TMCH BrandPulse, an innovative monitoring service that helps trademark owners protect their intellectual property by regularly reporting on any third-party domain names that are confusingly similar to existing trademarks.

Our Approach to Venture Building

JAS partners with well-known research centers, national laboratories, think tanks, developers, technologists and venture capitalists to form teams that can advance promising new technologies.

We bring world-leading expertise to projects and technologies addressing:

  • Information security
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Communications
  • Sharply differentiated technologies

JAS is dedicated to advancing promising new technologies.

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