Information Technology Consulting

Strategic Approach

JAS Global Advisors’ senior team work with you to match the objectives and mission of your enterprise with an IT strategy. We will develop that strategy through:

  • IT operational assessments
  • Internet security assessments (including design, implementation, and forensic analysis)
  • Transactional due diligence
  • Integrated risk assessments (See our “Risk Management” area)
  • Establishing IT Program Management Office services

The experience, talent and knowledge of JAS experts in this field are best-in-class. Senior-level JAS professionals will team with your IT professionals to assess, design and implement a safe, secure and reliable IT function that meets the needs of its internal customers.

Security, Stability, Resiliency

In today’s security environment, exceptional IT functions are necessary to provide resiliency for:

  • Changing company requirements
  • External risks, disruption of upstream infrastructure, external shocks
  • Malfeasance in the form of malware resulting in discriminate and indiscriminate attacks
  • Employee use of unauthorized software, trying new, untested tools
  • Vendor and partner software

Resiliency is important. But so is providing stable, secure service to your internal and external customers. JAS senior staff will partner with your IT professionals to assess, plan and implement IT that meets your current requirements and plans for the future.