Cutting-edge security solutions are instrumental in protecting enterprises from the threat of security breaches and other potentially damaging IT risks. Labs play an important role in bringing new ideas to the field, especially when they emphasize best practices in verification testing and quality assurance.

JAS Advisors has developed a reputation for advancing science and technology through world-leading research and development. Built on strong values of integrity and reliability, our scientists and technologists tackle the most complex technological challenges.

Each project receives the day-to-day attention of our most senior scientists, analysts and thought leaders to ensure matchless results.

JAS Advisors provides unparalleled support to:

  • Solve difficult engineering problems
  • Identify, evaluate and select critical vendors and partners
  • Plan and execute product commercialization;
    • Beta products in board use but not commercialized
    • Product hardening
    • Moving from lab to field
    • Technical assessment and evaluation

Every highly specialized project receives individual attention by leading experts in their field, (this is not a commoditized service).

Taking projects through step-by-step methodology

With an emphasis on verification, test and quality assurance


The JAS LABS Toolkit:

  • Code analysis
  • Systems Analysis
    • Control systems
    • Feedback mechanisms
  • Technical / engineering outcomes via
    • Development of technologies and products
    • Risk assessment; risk management

Areas of practice: Technical commercialization to improve security and technical product development

  • National security
  • Enterprise security
  • Cyber security
  • Investment in new entities targeting specific development efforts
    • Example: Young online communication security-related technology ready to move to next level of stability, utility and general availability

Let JAS solve complex technical problems that require advanced technical expertise.