Change Management

Change, continual improvement and paradigm shifts are hallmarks of every successful organization. Since rapid growth can create voids in security and increase performance risk, JAS partners with your business to assess change management requirements that threaten the integrity of your IT ecosystem.

In most organizations, change introduces risk in a variety of ways:

  • Spans of control grow
  • New talents and skills are required
  • Management layers are added; effective communications become challenging
  • Gaps appear in security regimes
  • IT requirements change
  • New employees introduce new risk profiles
  • Esprit de corps and corporate culture are threatened

Create organizations that effectively manage technical risk while enabling growth and performance.

As team members and consultants, JAS Advisors professional staff members have managed many rapid change/rapid growth environments to successful outcomes. Our most senior professionals will work hand-in-glove with your staff across a range of functions –  IT, operations, HR and others – to plot and manage a successful course.

JAS also works with your organization to implement a change management plan including:

  • Changes in security necessitated by new employees, vendors, partners and service providers
  • Risk analysis for addressing gaps in security needs resulting from growth and change
  • New organization structures that facilitate work flow and match new company objectives
  • Communication protocols to preserve early, frequent and friendly contact with staff
  • Training requirements and planning
  • HR staffing and employee relations plans to maintain company culture and morale
  • Increased formalization (where required) with an eye toward maintaining successful past practices
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Change can introduce new risk.

To secure your enterprise while enabling growth, contact JAS.

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