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At the crossroads of security consulting, risk management, change management and information technology consulting, there’s much to be learned and discussed.

Based on our frontline experience working with some of the world’s most renown commercial and government organizations on some of their toughest information protection challenges, our firm possesses unique insights, knowledge and perspective that informs smart strategy, policy and governance.

In those rare moments when we are not fully engaged in advancing our clients’ interests, we share the practical, actionable and business-oriented ideas and insights of our experts at JAS Global Advisors surrounding these important issues.

JASBUG: Improper Use of the DNS for Authentication and Over-the-Internet Exploitation Scenarios
JASBUG, the vulnerability we found in Microsoft Windows Group Policy and UNC mounts, is caused by the improper use of the DNS for Authentication. Read More

JASBUG: Cutting Through the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)
JAS provides insights on the JASBUG vulnerability, explaining root cause and what IT admins should do. Read More

JASBUG: High-Risk Security Vulnerability Discovered by JAS Global Advisors
Design flaw could facilitate remote code execution by hackers. Read More

Information Security and Long-term Competitive Advantage
Any firm with foreign competitors must protect their intellectual property from sophisticated adversaries, including foreign intelligence services. Read More

Dependencies Revised: Global Payments Breach
Security breaches are often the result of dependencies that are not well understood. Read More

Lessons Learned from Fully-Chained DNSSEC
Not long after DNSSEC was enabled for the .com domain, became one of the first DNSSEC-signed zones in the .com TLD. Read More

Obscure Dependencies Can Hurt Us
All security – be it physical or information – is a weakest link problem: you are only as secure as the weakest link. Read More

Business Security Predictions We Got Right
Our team of experts discusses predictions relevant to organizational security. Here are a few that we were out in front of, allowing us to help our clients avoid a number of potential security liabilities. Read More

Iran Hijacked US RQ-170 Sentinel Drone With GPS Hack? Not likely.
Multiple Christian Science Monitor reports have the media abuzz with reports that one of our RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drones was “hijacked” and caused to land in Iran. Read More

Usable Security Still Eludes Us
Thousands of years of human evolution have created the “hairs on the back of our necks” that alert us to possible danger. Read More

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