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Every enterprise depends on key employees who have authority, autonomy and access to confidential information.

Governments worldwide have been effectively managing the insider threat for decades through the use of security clearances. Critical Personnel Services (CPS) builds on the government approach by offering private sector clearances that provide ongoing awareness of an employee’s risk factors. Like government clearances, CPS clearances are transferable and follow the employee throughout their career—resulting in time and dollar efficiencies.

Background screening for high value employees in the financial and other security-critical sectors

Critical personnel services protect your company through the continuous assessment of key personnel. JAS provides value in areas where risk is greatest by providing additional scrutiny to match the potential harm, including comprehensive background screening for high-level employees.

  • Match the level of clearance rigor to the level of risk. Similar to Sensitive/Secret/Top Secret levels in the government sector.
  • Similar to government sector clearances, CPS clearances follow the employee resulting in time and cost efficiencies.
  • Maintains the integrity of the clearance as the employee’s risk profile evolves. Re-vetting occurs more frequently with higher clearance levels.
  • Cost-effective strong authentication by off-loading costly credential and systems management.

Avoid threat of insider malfeasance based on growth and change in:

  • Employees’ personal situation
  • Employee responsibility
  • Economic environment
  • Corporate governance
  • Company obligations to its customers

Value in Critical Personnel Services:

  • Recurring: typical one-time background checks cannot address changing conditions
  • Create credentials that can follow employees from job to job, same as US Government security clearance
  • Investigates important factors while respecting the privacy and legal rights of employees

“With the financial services sector increasingly engaging a wide diversity of persons around the globe for highly sensitive roles, it behooves firms to make sure that individuals in critical roles are trustworthy. Financial institutions and their regulators require that employees, contractors, consultants and outsourced staff can be shown to be trustworthy.”

C. Warren Axelrod, PhD, veteran banking industry executive and IT security and outsourcing thought leader with more than three decades of Wall Street experience

Unlike typical, one-time pre-employment screening, CPS clearances are awarded only after careful evaluation of a wide range of employee risk factors that have historically been shown to affect an employee’s availability, trustworthiness, and reliability. As risk factors evolve quickly, every CPS clearance is re-evaluated on a regular basis. Employees are re-evaluated on a regular basis or whenever their responsibility changes to ensure that their reliability is commensurate with their authority and access to information.

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